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Group activity beyond chemistry
On the way
... to our i-Pur meeting in India
Current Members

Gülbahar Bozan
guelbahar.bozan "at"

PhD student
Gülbahar  works on pseudo-pericyclic reactions involving radical ions in close contact ion pairs

Patrick Hitzfeld
patrick.hitzfeld "at"

PhD student
Patrick does the computational chemistry on the "weird" behaviour of cyclobutene radical cations.

Dominik Kreutzer

PhD Student
Dominik uses computational chemistry on nonstatistical dynamics in (hetero)-Diels-Alder reactions
and studies experimentally the H-bond stabilization of NHC-carbonyl intermediates

Aryaman Pattanaik
aryaman.pattanaik "at"

PhD student
Aryaman is checking out the BIFs in reactions of bicyclic cations in closed contact ion pairs

Maximilian Schimpf
maximilian.schimpf  "at"

PhD student
Maximilian is going to work on NHC-PC-catalysis and on funny stuff happening when NHCs encounter strained ketones

Daniel Schmidhuber
Daniel.Schmidhuber "at"

PhD student
Daniel studies experimentally and computationally the chemistry on photochemical generation of NHC-stabilized boron radicals.

Hannes Sterzel
hannes.Sterzel "at"

PhD student
Hannes is involved in the computational chemistry, EPR and TR-UV-studies on Cu-photocatalysis.

Severin Wittek

Master Student
Severin will study experimentally determine physical properties of intermediates in NHC-catalysis
Former members
Ricardo Angnes (PhD internship), now back in Brazil
Jenny Phan (Master & PhD)
Simon Malcherek (Master & PhD), works in IT
Patrick Sakrausky (Master)
Alberto Nunez (internship)
Dr. Imon Mandal (Postdoc)
Ygor Moura (MIT-UR exchange stundent)
Ahmed Kotb (Master)
Maksim Nikitin (internship, now König group)

Daniel Harms-Pollack (Master, joint PhD with Prof. Ralph Holl)
Stephanie-Michaela Ruser (Diplom & PhD), school teacher
Basti(an) Wulff (Diplom & PhD), industrial chemist
Clemens Mayer (BSc)
Bettina Lilly (Bsc)
Julia Erl (BSc)
Samuel Merk (BSc)
Joel Jaschek (Master; UHH)
Alexander Beckendorf (Master; UHH)
Sebastian Herrmann (Diplom, UHH), †
Mieke Möller (BSc, UHH)
Prof. Dr. Julia Rehbein
Universität Regensburg
Fakultät für Chemie & Pharmazie
Universitätsstrasse 31
93053 Regensburg
room: CH 23.1.85
phone: 0049-941-943-4628

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